“I can, without hesitation, recommend NOse Offense for Pets Odor Eliminator. I’m now using it in my own home everywhere I was previously using Febreze and other room sprays.” Click on link to read full review –
Brooke Arnold, Editor – The Dogington Post


“I happened to have the spray bottle handy, so I did what any classy hostess would do and whipped out the spray bottle and spritzed the air a few times. And the stink was gone!” Click on link to read full review –
Maria Goodavage, Editor – Dogster


“3 cats + litter boxes = a HUGE need for NOse Offense spray in my home!” Click on link to read full review –
Tamar Arslanian, Editor – I HAVE CAT


“The term “hero” gets thrown around a lot these days, but we don’t think it’s exaggerating to rave about the people behind NOse Offense. Stink Stompers. Odor eradicators. Fresh air crusaders. Whatever you call them, the aroma wizards who craft these non-toxic, organic sprays make living with a pet a whole lot rosier.” 
Christine The Cat, Editor –


“I will put one in my SUV asap so, when the moment hits I’ll be all ready (smile)” Click on link to read full review –

Treena Brogan, PR/Outreach – Life With Dogs


“It is without hesitation that I give this product a 5 Star Rating, as a versatile, safe odor eliminator that does exactly what it claims to do: eliminate pet-related as well as other odors safely and efficiently.” Click on link to read full review –

Franny Syufy, Cats Expert –


“So for my first test, I misted the couch cushions with NOse Offense, waited a few seconds, leaned in for a big whiff and smelled… absolutely nothing. No perfume, no chemicals, and best of all, no odors!” Click on link to read full review –
Brooke Arnold, Public Relations – The Catington Post


“This is one of my favorite odor eliminators. It doesn’t mask the problem, it actually eliminates the stink completely with just a few sprays. Plus, it’s safe for use around pets and it’s eco friendly…” Click on link to read full review –

Kate Benjamin, Publisher – Hauspanther/Modern Cat


“Someone actually created a product that gets rid of the icky smell. And it’s not air freshener that just covers up the stink with some “flowery” smell that smells just as bad (and is probably more toxic that your kitty’s stink bomb, really). It’s called NOse Offense for Pets, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before.” Click on link to read full review –
Dorian Wagner, Editor – Catster


If you’ve ever had a pet accident in your house, I would bet that there is some sort of lingering smell.  NOse Offense is a must have for any pet parent as a solution to odor problems in your home. Click on link to read full review –

Amanda Yantos, Editor – Dog Mom Days


“It’s called NOse Offense, and there are so many things to like about this product! First, (and most importantly) IT WORKS.” Click on link to read full review –
Amy Burkert, Editor – Go Pet Friendly


“Over the course of a week, it gets pretty rank in there, especially during the warmer months, when temperatures in my garage easily reach the 90s. I sprayed NOse Offense into the trash can, and it actually got rid of the nasty smell.” Click on link to read full review –

Ingrid King, Publisher – The Conscious Cat


“If odors are particularly strong, I will spray the air a few times to neutralize the odor. Does it work? Probably the biggest endorsement is when we have company. Most people don’t believe we have seven cats, so I think that speaks volumes.” Click on link to read full review –

Deborah Barnes, Editor – Zee & Zoey’s Cat Chronicles


Along with its efficiency as an odor neutralizer, we also liked the eco-friendliness of this product… A definite paws up for NOse Offense!” Click on link to read full review
Paris Permenter, Editor – DogTipper


“The big test is whether or not it works and, it sure does! Now the NOse Offense bottle has a prominent (and permanent) place on the kitchen shelf.” Click on link to read full review –
Caroline Golon, Editor – Romeo the Cat


“I decided to spray attack our big green container when I brought it back in from the curb on trash day. I couldn’t believe it, but NOse Offense worked its magic and we have taken back our garage and I don’t have to see that big green container in our driveway either.” Click on link to read full review –
Joanne McGonagle, Editor – Conservation Cub Club 


“I think this one might be more valuable to pet lovers than anyone else. Environmentally-friendly NOse Offense eliminates pet odors. Ages ago the company sent me a trial size, and we tested it in the worst-smelling place: the car. It worked!” Click on link to read full review –
Maggie Marton, Editor – Oh My Dog!


“Luckily, the dad and daughter team behind NOse Offense have developed an amazing scent-free solution that actually neutralizes odors instead of just covering them up.” Click on link to read full review –
Samantha ‘Barkista’, Editor – Barkzilla


“Then I sprayed inside the bag with NOse Offense, waited a minute, and then gave it the sniff-test. I was prepared to have my eyeballs roll back, but with just one application the odor was gone!” Click on link to read full review –
Amy Shojai, Author & Pet Expert


“I’ve been using it for about three weeks now, and it works very well… I’ve come to distrust products that describe themselves as “unscented” because they so rarely are, but NOse Offense truly has NO ODOR, which I really appreciate.” Click on link to read full review –
Leda Marritz, Editor – Pawesome


“We spritzed in inside all the litter boxes. April fresh. We spritzed the garbage can it the kitchen. Neutralized. Fishy cooking odor. History. Funky old cushion. Like new.” Click on link to read full review –
Layla Morgan Wilde, Editor – Cat Wisdom 101


“We are so glad we were among those picked to test and review NOse Offense, because Teri says she thinks it will become her ‘Odor Eliminator’ of choice because of 1) how well it works, 2) that’s it’s Eco and Pet friendly, and 3) that they have a blog that is full of helpful and informative pet info.” Click on link to read full review –
Teri Thorsteinson, Editor – Curlz and Swirlz…


“I sprayed it and nothing , no smell…it was like I sprayed water and magically the smell that had been in the room before was completely gone! No joke it was like magic.” Click on link to read full review –
Felissa Hadas, Editor – Two Little Cavaliers


“Bottom line: NOse Offense is an environmentally-friendly magic potion that annihilates odor on a variety of surfaces, including your smelly dog.” Click on link to read full review –
Ace’s Mama, Contributor – Dogster


“Odors under those circumstances have been known to linger, but not when this magic potion is sprayed in the vicinity. Best of all, it doesn’t cover up the odor with another odor; I’m allergic to perfumes and that would be (almost) worse than the original smell.” Click on link to read full review –
Edie Jarolim, Editor – Will My Dog Hate Me


“As far as I know, NOse Offense is only available from their website which is a shame – this product should be more widely available in pet stores or grocery stores to reach a wider commercial audience. That’s really the only downside to this great product.” Click on link to read full review –
Morgen, Editor – Purrchance To Dream


“By the time we made it around the house and circled back to where we started, we couldn’t smell the cats, Elvis, or even me! Mom was impressed! So overall, Mom gives it two human paws up and I agree as much as a dog can.” Click on link to read full review –
Rachel Phelps, Editor – Preston Speaks


“And boy, does it do the job! I’ve been using it for every odor causing incident in my house since I received it. And it eliminates the odor almost immediately. I really love the product.” Click on link to read full review –
Paul, Editor – Cool Dog Stuff


“It’s called NOse Offense. She sprayed. And Stinky’s stink ceased to stink!” Click on link to read full review –
Patty Woodland, Editor – The Maaaaa of Pricilla


“The really cool part about NOse Offense is that the product is truly committed to being eco-friendly.”
“I was prepared for a strong scent but was pleased to find that it literally smells like…well, nothing. And after a minute or so, the litterbox area also smelled like “nothing.” Click on link to read full review –
Rebecca Braglio, Co-Administrator – The Philly Dog


“Great product, great results and great feeling when I use it. NOse Offense makes it easy to zap odors and help the environment.” Click on link to read full review –
Caroline Golon, Editor – The Happy Litterbox 


“And you know what? It REALLY WORKED! This schtuff is an odor neutralizer, not a stinky fragrance to mask a smell. And it really does clear the air of odors.” Click on link to read full review –
Brewskie Butt, Chief Reviewer – Just Meowin’


“I love the fact that it is a non-toxic item that is safe for pets and comes in a recyclable bottle. Give NOse Offense a moment of your time and check out their website.”
Does your pet(s) stink??? How about your furniture drapes and rugs??? Does the smell in your home announce your pet ownership even before your fur-babies make a physical appearance in the room??? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you might want to try NOse Offense… for pets!!! Click on link to read full review –
Rick Tamargo, Publisher – Haute Or Not Pets


“Do we like it? The answer is yes! I sprayed a few sprays in each room. I sprayed the drapes and furniture, even a short spray on individual rugs. I noticed it worked quickly to remove any odors.” Click on link to read full review –
Debby Martin, Editor – Kirby the Dorkie


“Many companies have developed ways of covering up the odor, but most often it just has a fruity, flowery or other scent mixed in with the offending odor. NOse Offense isn’t like those other sprays, it actually works.” Click on link to read full review –

Amy Jo Casner, Administrator – The Enlightened Ferret


“I can honestly tell you, my family is hooked! No more Febreze or air purifiers for us: this stuff is AWESOME and it totally kicks ass.” Click on link to read full review –
Jaime Smith, Owner – Thoughts Fur Paws


“I tried NOse Offense; the product was easy to use and effective. I noticed no heavy perfume or cover-up fragrance. Hey, I’m all for a natural product that can help eliminate problem pet odors.” Click on link to read full review –
Peggy Frezon, Editor – Peggy’s Pet Place


“I am trying to promote positive-minded companies on my blog and I believe NOse Offense is really trying to take on a monumental task and doing it safely and sustainably. It works and I honestly recommend it to you for your pet deodorizing needs.” Click on link to read full review –

Megan Cronin, Editor – Potato Chip Cats


“NOse Offense can even be sprayed on a cloth and used to wipe down you pet!” Click on link to read full review –
Terri Babin, Editor – Eco-Crazy Mom


“Did it work? YES! IT WORKED!! I was in shock. Two sprays in the air, the litter box odor vanished.”
Jackaroo Jim – Laughing Lizard


“NOse Offense eliminates the wet dog smell and because it is fragrance free it does not leave any sweet flower smell behind. You know this spray is not masking the odors with fragrance, you can tell it is eliminating it.” Click on link to read full review –
Gayle Pollick, Editor – This Mama Loves Her Bargains


“Now when I walk into my bedroom it smells nice like is should…NOT like dog!” Click on link to read full review –
Robyn Ford, Contributing Blogger – Makobi Scribe


“NOse Offense is pure genius! I am no longer embarrassed when people enter my home because of the pet odor my dogs create! I think it is a must-have for all pet owners.” Click on link to read full review –…
Melanie Johnson, Editor – Kate and Kaboodle


“I can’t rave enough about the wonders of NOse Offense! This product is a god send! Pet Lovers Rejoice! Finally an odor eliminating product that not only works, its eco-friendly and scentless! It actually removes the stink left behind from pets and gives you back your home!” Click on link to read full review –
Rachel, Owner – The Link Fairy!


“We just spray a little on a cloth and give Max a little wipe down. WALAH! Max smells normal again!! We love this product!” Click on link to read full review –
Crissa Robertson, Editor – Real Moms Real Views


“You have got to check out NOse Offense! Their fragrance-free spray really works to get rid of the smell without hiding the smell.” Click on link to read full review –
Jerica Rossi, Editor – Izzy B Designs


“NOse Offense is a wonderful product! I have used multiple odor eliminators in the house and in the outside hallway and I haven’t found a product that works as well as it says it does…NOse Offense is fragrance free and it doesn’t just mask the odor – it actually gets rid of it! Click on link to read full review –
Nicole Anderson, Editor – Dustin & Nikki, Mommy of Three


“As a multiple pet owner, NOse Offense has really made a big difference. No more worrying about offensive odors when company comes over. Click on link to read full review –
Rita Alarcon, Editor – One 2 Try


“On the pet bed we sprayed it on we noticed a dra¬matic decrease in the smell of pet odor…” Click on link to read full review –
Heidi Gray, Editor – Save More Spend Less

Victoria Lee, Contributor