Safety Precautions

Q. How can you be so sure NOse Offense For PETS is a safe product?

A. NOse Offense has gone through the following clinical trials using strict protocols approved by the EPA and other governing bodies: Acute Oral Toxicity, Acute Inhalation Toxicity, Acute Eye Irritation & Skin Sensitivity. NOse Offense is non-toxic and is not associated with skin irritation or allergic contact dermatitis.


Q: Is NOse Offense safe to use around pets? What if my pet licks it?

A: Yes, it is safe to use around pets since our formula is organic, natural and biodegradable. Your pet will not be harmed if licked, however, as a precaution we recommend that your pet not be under the mist as it is sprayed.


Q: Is NOse Offense safe to use near or on fabrics?

A: Yes. NOse Offense can be sprayed on all water-safe fabrics. If you suspect that your pet’s smell or urine odor is coming from a fabric, you should spray directly onto the fabric, making sure the entire area gets sprayed with the mist. If sprayed on leather, wipe it off immediately. We do, however, suggest first testing on a small inconspicuous area.


Q: Will carpets/floors be ruined if sprayed with NOse Offense?

A: NOse Offense is compatible with all carpets and flooring, however, if sprayed on wood floors we suggest wiping it off. If there is cat urine smell or dog urine odor coming from the floor, you can spray directly onto the area. Just let it sit for one minute and then wipe off the damp area. We do, however, suggest first testing on a small inconspicuous area.


Q: Is it safe to spray NOse Offense around children?

A: Yes, however, please don’t spray directly on your kids… no matter how bad they smell!