Product Use

Q: How do I use NOse Offense For PETS?

A: To rid a room of pet smells, spray a few times in the air and let the mist of NOse Offense settle.  If the odor source is known, spray directly onto/into it.


Q: Dog urine and cat urine is my principle complaint. How do I treat my rooms to remove this specific odor?

A: You are not alone. Pet urine odor is a major problem associated with having a pet. Even the best trained pet will sometimes have accidents and removing urine smell is a challenge. We suggest first spraying into the air to quickly freshen up the room. Many times the dog or cat urine smell is particularly strong in an enclosed patio or sun room. The urine evaporates on a surface, such as concrete or tile, and you cannot see where it is, but you can certainly smell the residual urine odor. If you cannot easily wash the area often to remove the pet odors, liberally spray NOse Offense directly onto the hard surfaces. This technique works equally well if you find dog urine or cat urine on carpet. Spray and let it cover the area, it will dry quickly. If the pet urine has not completely saturated the carpeting, NOse Offense will be effective immediately.


Q: How long is the spray effective?

A: Usually one treatment of a few sprays will eliminate the odor. However, if you have a recurring situation, such as a litter box that is constantly being used or a carpet spot which was completely saturated with urine, you will need to repeat the process as necessary.


Q: I can smell the odor is coming directly from my pets. Can I spray directly onto them?

A: Yes, however, it would be most effective to spray NOse Offense on a cloth and wipe down your pet’s coat.


Q: Can I spray directly into the litter box?

A: Yes, cat urine smell is very distinctive and NOse Offense is a great urine odor remover.


Q: There is a urine odor in my car. What is the best way to use NOse Offense to eliminate the odor?

A: NOse Offense is as effective in your car as it is in your home. Removing pet odors is particularly difficult in a car but you can spray it on the seats (except leather), carpeting and between cushions.