General Product Information

Q: What exactly is NOse Offense For PETS?

A: It’s a non-toxic, fragrance-free air and fabric odor eliminator for pets. It’s safe, eco-friendly patent-pending formula comes in a ready-to-use spray.


Q: How is NOse Offense different from other odor neutralizing products on the market?  Why doesn’t it have a fragrance?

A: NOse Offense uses the scientific principle of odor conjugation. The molecules in the spray immediately combine with the bad odors to create a smell free environment.  We developed a unique patent pending formula that makes NOse Offense unique and effective to remove pet odors from the air.  It doesn’t mask the pet smells with fragrances or perfumes, it eliminates them completely. Sometimes a group of harmful chemicals known as phthalates are used to produce those ‘fresh’ smells that other air fresheners and pet products will leave behind. NOse Offense For PETS uses none of these chemicals. According to, phthalates are a group of chemicals known to have significant toxic effects including, perhaps most importantly, disruption of hormone activity, especially thyroid function. This effect is associated with significant downstream consequences especially related to brain development, immune system function, birth defects, asthma, cancer, metabolism, and even reproduction.


Q: I don’t smell anything when I spray it, is it working?

A: It sure is! Our unique patent pending formula was specifically developed to be odorless right out of the bottle leaving your environment free of any smells – no fragrance coming out of the bottle and none left in the air.


Q. What’s in it?

A: The active ingredients in NOse Offense For PETS are proprietary zinc salt, emulsifiers, preservatives and proprietary odor counteractants. The patent pending formula is safe, non-toxic, organic and biodegradable.


Q. What’s not in it?

A. NOse Offense is manufactured to be 100% free of enzymes, alcohols, phenol & phenol derivatives, phosphates, phthalates and of course fragrance.