Ben vs The Electric Fence

Ben went through the electric fence last week and raced up the block to a neighbor’s dog.  Thank goodness no cars or school buses were on the road at the time.  He did this three times and each time I raced in my car after him, yelling like a crazy person.  Freaked out as I was, I immediately called my electric fence guy.  Here’s what he told me…  “Make sure his collar is on tight enough so it doesn’t move or wiggle and that it is on facing the correct way. Also, make sure both contacts are touching Ben’s neck because the circuit isn’t complete if only one metal contact is touching, hence – no shock.  Also turn up the volume on the electric fence.”

I did all of this and checked that the collar was working, first giving off a high-pitched wail as a warning before shocking him into staying off the road. He went through again.  First he stood right at the edge, looked at me like he was daring me to stop him and then took off. Huffing and puffing as I retrieved him again (and secretly grateful he went to the same spot each time), I scolded him and then called my fence guy again.

“Maybe you need a new battery,” he said.  So I ordered two new ones, and haven’t had any escapes this week so far. But, my anxiety level is as high as my electric fence.  The panic I feel when he goes out and the ridiculous relief I feel when he returns is making me crazy. My older dog, Tucker, his dad, had gotten out during an intense rain storm when he was younger, but not recently, so it’s only Ben, Ben, Ben.

Then, yesterday we took them to the beach for a good run. They decided it wasn’t freezing cold enough so they had to go for a swim. After arriving home with freezing fingers and wet, salty, sandy dogs, I went onto the next phase…bathing them. I have a large stall shower with a hand-held nozzle so we go in together. After drying them off with about twelve towels, I collapsed with exhaustion. Well, I thought. At least they had a good run, fresh air and are clean and smell free! (I used NOse Offense in the car and it worked great). But what about me? My fingers are raw, my back aches, and I keep doing laundry! Someone rescue me!  But…at least Ben hasn’t eaten anything naughty this week…well, as far as I know…on my way home to check.