Mud! Mud! Mud!

“Mud! Mud! Mud!” by Leonore Klein was my favorite book when I was little, BUT THAT WAS THEN! All I have is mud, mud, mud all over my house! Big paw prints on my newly washed rugs and muddy tail spots on my walls! My new favorite book should be…”Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

And it’s not just paw prints, it’s all over Tucker and Ben’s bodies too! Delightful as it is that they love playing together, they don’t seem to notice the cakes of wet earth clinging to their fur, but I do. Can’t they wrestle where it’s grassy? Oh and that week last month when little Ben (65 pounds of puppy) found a rancid mound of black bat turd on the grass, sniffed it and thought, “What is THIS new smell?” Then, as I watched in horror, he rolled in it several times emerging like a greased monkey! Then, catching my eye and with proud posture, strutted around in his new found musk.
Apart from the antics of the season, our electric fence training is getting a little better.  After he went through the fence again the other day and just stood there on the edge, not quite understanding it yet, I couldn’t help myself and called him back.  The next day I turned up the intensity of my fence and shortened the perimeter by a foot or so.  Then when he tried to go through it, I noticed an instant knowledge of that nasty electric shock.  I still have to watch him but I doubt he will try it too many more times.
So I thought things were settling down until, just yesterday, my canine hoover vacuum must have eaten and swallowed part of a luffa sponge which dropped from my shower hook because I couldn’t find the pieces.  Sure enough, the proof was in the pudding (yuck) when he vomited up his entire dinner right on my bed covers.  Some how I was much more concerned than anything else.  Guess I went into mommy mode and felt so sorry for my little guy.  So into the wash it went. Not a big deal for a seasoned mom, but the smell that lingered almost made ME heave! But NOse Offense  got rid of it.  It’s like my secret weapon.  It may sound silly, but just spraying it a few times makes me feel like I’m a little more in control of the madness.
I do love watching them play fight with bared teeth and tails wagging.  I know the temperature will drop soon and then I’ll complain how cold it is to stay outside with them. But I also know they’ll keep me warm as we three snuggle together through out the long Winter ahead.